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What is Open Source development?

Open Source Software (OSS) is a decentralized development model that makes source code publicly available for open collaboration and production with partners, known as the "open source way".

The BIANCO ROYAL team contributes and further is developing widely used Industry 4.0 protocols and tools for MQTT, Modbus, BACnet and especially OPC UA.

Our business interest is covered by Iniationware since the year 2020. Iniationware has a clear mission to support Open Source projects for a B2B business model purpose. Which means BIANCO ROYAL still contributing and developing for Open Source projects with the business power of Iniationware and the P4NR B2B Community.

P4NR B2B Community

Exciting Partnership Announcement:
BIANCO ROYAL and P4NR B2B Community

Hello everyone,

We are thrilled to announce that BIANCO ROYAL has embarked on a dynamic new partnership with the Power for Networked Reality (P4NR) B2B Community. This significant collaboration signifies a new chapter in our growth and capacity to impact the industry.

By aligning with the P4NR B2B Community, we are joining forces with a vibrant network of business-to-business experts, pooling resources, and engaging in mutually beneficial activities. This pivotal synergy for Open Source projects is expected to enhance our collaborative efforts and open doors to new development opportunities. Moreover, through this partnership we are officially becoming part of the company - Iniationware.

Known for their industry-leading practices and innovative business strategies, Iniationware leads the P4NR B2B Community. Their role in the P4NR community signifies their consistent drive for effective collaboration and relentless innovation.

By being under Iniationware's umbrella, we anticipate a valuable exchange of ideas and strategies. This strategic alignment will synergistically expand our capabilities and potentially bring about groundbreaking innovation, positioning BIANCO ROYAL even more favorably in the Open Source industry.

We are genuinely excited for this next phase of our journey and look forward to sharing the fruits of this partnership with all. Thank you for your ongoing support as we work together to make a positive difference with our collective efforts for Open Source Software projects.

Best regards, Klaus Landsdorf

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